Brad + Candice


I am finally getting to share some of Brad & Candice’s wedding photos with all of you! It was a cold and windy day for an outside wedding, but that didn’t take away from their big day at all! If anything, I think it made it more memorable and it’s a day they will never forget!

Here are a few of their pre-wedding snaps. ūüôā





Brad & Candice wanted to do a first look before the ceremony. I love the emotion in these photos! ūüėÄ

We done a few family photos next, and then it was time for a WEDDING!


    It started to rain a little bit so everyone moved all of the chairs and decorations inside the barn. It was decorated beautifully with a rustic country feel! The lights and lanterns glowed perfect for a cloudy fall day!



¬†¬†The ceremony was short and sweet and right to the point! ūüôā


After the ceremony everyone dug into some awesome bbq and fried pies! Then Brad & Candice had their first dance, signing of their marriage license, and cutting the cake!







It was a beautiful wedding and I loved getting to be the one to capture their special day!





Logan + Jessica


I had the honor to photograph Logan & Jessica’s Wedding in November. It took place at a beautiful spot called Mount Eagle, located a short distance from Shirley Arkansas.

It was a pretty warm day for mid November with cloudy skies and a few rain drizzles before the ceremony!

Here are a few pre-wedding snap shots!

wwphoto_01wwphoto_02wwphoto_07wwphoto_08wwphoto_09wwphoto_10  IMG_9059IMG_9056

Logan and his best man finishing up the decorations. I got to help with some of that too! ūüôā




The guests started arriving soon and the ceremony began.



Logan didn’t seem nervous at all. I felt like he was happily anticipating these moments!



They wrote their own vows for their wedding, exchanged rings, and planted a tree.


Then they officially became husband & wife!


It was a beautiful fall wedding and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!




Jessica & Logan’s Engagement Session


I had so much fun photographing Jessica and Logan! They were full of energy and really excited for their session. They both had really fun personalities and they seemed head over heels for each other!


They will be getting married next month in November at Mount Eagle and they are both counting down the days!


I can’t wait to photograph their BIG DAY!


Congratulations to these two!



Week 12 – High Key Expose Portrait


I am a little bit behind on my personal photography project because it is the busy fall season right now. I have been trying to get all of my photo sessions edited and finished before I even start to think about Christmas mini sessions!

The weather has been absolutely amazing and we have been soaking it all up before winter gets here. We are going to carve pumpkins today and Halloween is just around the corner!

My week 12 project was to photograph a high key exposure to the right. Create a light, airy, high key portrait.

I decided to use one of Logan and Jessica’s photos from their engagement session. We were able to use a beautiful spot in Mtn. View and I got so many great shots from their session.


I feel like this photo definitely fits the description for week 12! Beautiful, light and airy with a high key exposure to the upper right corner. Can you guys see the geese in the background? ūüôā

I will be putting Jessica and Logan’s engagement session on the blog soon! Hope you guys enjoy!


Anna’s Fall Family Session


I am finally finishing up Anna’s fall family session. Here are just a few of my favorites!IMG_7067IMG_7109sb


This photo made me laugh. Sibling LOVE! ūüėÄ



A beautiful family!

IMG_7159sbI hope they had fun during their photo shoot and that I get to photograph them again! ūüôā


Briley Cake Smash


I LOVE doing 1 year cake smash sessions! You never know exactly what to expect when it comes to each child. Sometimes they dig right in and other times they take a small taste and evaluate the situation. LOL! They are all different and I really enjoy photographing these special moments in their life!


This past weekend I got to photograph Briley for her birthday session. She is definitely one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever photographed. She was a little shy at first but she warmed up to me pretty quickly and flashed me some pretty little smiles.



Her mom Macy made all of her decorations and brought a beautiful quilt for her to sit on. She also made her cake! I love when my clients are so crafty! ūüôā




She wasn’t too sure about the icing. She liked it but she couldn’t figure out why it was stuck to her hand…? Lol! ūüėÄ


Overall I think she had a fun time! Who doesn’t like to get a little messy every now and again?!




Happy Birthday Briley!






Week 11 Landscape: Reflection


Week 11 didn’t leave me a whole lot of options here in North Central Arkansas. I was hoping to use water for my landscape reflection and we are currently under a burn ban here. Everything is all dried up! Our rainy, wet fall definitely has not started yet.

However,¬†I have some awesome neighbors who have an absolutely beautiful view. They have a pond about the size of a football field in their front yard! I always love going over their and enjoying their view… and their company! ūüôā Thank you Lanny and Debbie!

So here is my Landscape Reflection… I love the sun flare in this photo! No actions or presets needed here! ūüôāIMG_6845logo

Week 9 – Artistic Shadows


The opposite of light is dark, the absence of light is shadow.


Clothed in shadows she is beautiful.






I used my little model and some lace to create these beautiful flowery shadows. The sun was setting on us as we were trying to snap some quick photos. Luckily I had Lane to help hold up the lace and Lily simply posed. The thing she does best! ūüôā

I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful girl… on the inside AND out!

Here are¬†some fun ones¬†in COLOR…


Week 7 – Faceless Portrait





For my husband Andrew, who always goes above and beyond on every project I have ever asked him to help me with.


He inspires me to work harder everyday by his energy and enthusiasm and motivates me to work those extra minutes, even as the sun is going down.IMG_5041bwlogo


I know I am a little late posting this week, but I think it was definitely worth the wait! We¬†welcomed¬†some new Aussie¬†fur babies into our household this weekend and we worked really hard to get them all set¬†up here at the Wesley’s! ūüôā

My best friend Ashley drove with me about¬†6 and a half hours¬†to Missouri on Friday to pick up Bella and Spur. Luke and Lily got to tag along too, but I’m not so sure they enjoyed the trip as much as we did. All I can say is Thank The Lord for cheez-its and Netflix! HA! HA!

So here is where I have to brag on my amazing husband. He got up early Saturday morning and drove to town to pick up everything we needed to get started building their new dog pen.

When he got home he started cutting down trees and underbrush and I helped him clear it. We raked, removed rocks, and Lane helped us snip the smaller saplings. We then set up 4 posts and connected wire paneling to each of those. Then Andrew drove T-posts along the 16 foot panels to help secure them in the middle. This made a great 16X16 square living area!

We had a dog house that was built a couple of years ago for our oldest Aussie Ace, but he never liked to sleep in it much. So¬†we stuck it in the pen¬†for his new brother and sister. ūüôā

It was a long, but definitely satisfying day!

Long story short…. I knew I needed a “faceless” portrait for week 7 and didn’t have any REAL inspiration until Saturday. I really wanted to use him for this assignment and managed to snap some photos of him on the porch. He didn’t even complain when I asked him to be my guinea pig!


I sure do love this man. I hope he knows how much!



Axel turns 1!!!


Hey everyone! I just had to share Axel’s one year/cake smash session with all of you!¬†I met up with Axel and his mom and dad¬†at the¬†Mtn. View¬†city park and¬†he was all smiles from the time¬†mom got him out of the car to the very end when we said bye. He was SO CUTE all dressed up in his mickey mouse outfit!


I brought a few props to his session, including some balloons, and he was mesmerized! He kept trying to grab his balloons and finally caught one after a few attempts. I think he was a little surprised! Lol!


It’s amazing how fast one year will go by. It seems like just the other day he came to see me for newborn photos.
I didn’t think he could get any sweeter …but he proved me wrong! ūüôā


After we spent a few minutes snapping photos we moved to a different area and got ready for the smash cake. Lauren informed me that Axel LOVES to eat so I was excited to see what he would do with his little cake.

She set it down in front of him and he immediately dug in! He didn’t need any coaching or reassurances from mom and dad…. he knew exactly what to do!



He stuck his tongue out at me towards the end and it made for a perfect picture! I think it’s safe to say we all had fun during his photoshoot and watching his little eyes light up was just the icing on the cake! ūüėÄ


I couldn’t resist¬†snapping a photo of mom and dad before they cleaned him all up! I think he was still trying to find some leftover icing! Lol!


Week 6 – Candy





Here is my Week 6 assignment. The kids definitely had fun doing this photoshoot! Lol! No bribing or pleading here… they were happy to help!¬†ūüôā

I really wanted to have fun with these photos and add a really neat filter to make them unique. I used the Coffee Shop Blog action Light Leak on these photos and selected the rainbow colored filter. I thought it went great with my candy theme!

I’m sure it won’t be long and they will be asking to do another candy photo shoot. ūüôā

Week 5 – B&W Landscape


This week’s assignment was another landscape photo but this time it had to be black and white. I drove down to a local dam about 15 minutes from where I live and snapped this shot. I was hoping the water would be running over the top, but no such luck… ūüė¶

It still turned out pretty good though. I can’t wait to use this spot again for a fall session. I know the leaves and mountains will look gorgeous around here soon!





Week 4 – Portrait



Week 4 – Shoot a portrait of someone.

Hey everyone! I know I’m a little late for my assignment this week, but I’m hoping you guys will understand. It’s been a little hectic and crazy around our house these past couple of weeks. We are trying to get back into the school routine! ūüė¶

There is one thing that is different for Lily this year… and that’s BALLET! She really wanted to go to school with big brother this year but I just wasn’t ready to let her go. I want to keep her home with me as long as I can! Ha! Ha! Yah I’m¬†that mom… ūüôā

So I let her do ballet with her cousin Emmalea and so far she is LOVING it!

I decided to use her for my weekly assignment since I didn’t have any photoshoots scheduled. I just love using my kiddos as models! Heck… they’re the reason I even bought my camera! ūüėÄ

So I hope you guys enjoy our little mini ballet photoshoot that we done in our front yard!





Week 3 – Red


Hey guys I’m keeping it short and sweet this week. I do want to mention though that since I have been doing¬†this photography challenge I¬†have been¬†finding so many new things that I¬†have never¬†noticed¬†before. It makes¬†you really study all of your surroundings and details seem to pop out at you! I’M¬†LOVING IT!

Here are a few RED things I photographed this week! Hope you guys enjoy!


I was going through the town of Clinton and I seen this huge letter sign at an awesome little place called the Pottery Shop. They sell all kinds of things from yard ornaments to clothing.

I also noticed this huge cement mixer. The American flag really jumped out at me and I had never noticed it hanging there before! I was looking for RED and I think I definitely found one of the most symbolic and patriotic representations of that color.

I got to researching the color red for the American flag and it signifies hardiness & valour.IMG_0105

We planted a small garden this year behind our house. We used flower pots and planted tomatoes, peppers, and a few squash plants. My husband built a tall wooden bed for our cucumbers and strawberries. It feels like such an accomplishment to grow your own food, even if it is a small and humble garden! ūüôā


We also have a small chicken farm here at the Wesley’s! HA! HA! Here is one of our favorite roosters whose name is¬†coincidentally¬†Ole’ Red. ūüėÄ

I caught him mid-crow!


Last but not least is one of my favorites… Luke… in his little RED wagon.



Week 2 – Landscape


Hey everyone! We are on week 2 and my assignment was to photograph a landscape. Over the past few days¬†I have discovered something… landscapes are HARD! I went into¬†it thinking… “I got this! I live in one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas – the Ozark Mountains!” I was pretty confident that I could capture a stunning landscape photo. I think I was a bit over confident… ūüė¶

However, I was excited to dig out my tripod, (that I have never used) and hit the roads to see what I could find. Andrew drove me and the kids around to a few spots that we like to ride 4-wheelers and go Morel mushroom hunting. Living in the country is definitely a big perk! You have an abundance of dirt roads that never end and beautiful scenery to take in.

We stopped by a nearby farm so I could get my camera and tripod set up. I snapped a few photos of the cows grazing with some pretty awesome clouds in the sky. It was around 7:30 in the evening and a storm was brewing. I was hoping for some beautiful sunset pictures with the big cloud formations.

The kids got out to explore while I was doing my own thing. Lily discovered a big pile of poop and was fascinated! LOL! Sorry, no snapshots of that! ūüėČ


Then we took off and headed to our high spot on top of one of¬†the mountains close to where we live. God is¬†so amazing! He made this land and sky¬†just for US! I wanted to capture¬†His handiwork¬†but looking at it through a piece of glass just doesn’t compare! I felt like I was struggling. The sun was going¬†down pretty quick so I snapped a few more photos of the¬†sky and mountains in the distance.

I¬†told Andrew to pull the truck up a little so I¬†could get a picture¬†of him and the kids with the sunset. Luke was asleep in the truck at this point!¬†Lol!¬†You know me… I never miss an opportunity to snap some photos of¬†the people I love most!¬†When we got home and I was sorting/culling through what I had taken, the photos of him and the kids were the ones I loved most. I know landscapes aren’t supposed to be of people, but it just seemed emotionless and empty without them in it.

So here it is…¬†¬† oh the FEELS!



I still didn’t feel completely satisfied with what I had come up with. I loaded all 3 kids up the next day and we were on the hunt again! They were enjoying driving around and they would turn the radio up every time I would get out to snap some photos. We made a big circle on some old country roads and after numerous stops and about 10 songs later, we finally came to a bridge that I thought might look interesting.

We jumped out and the kids started exploring. I chose the picture that had the kids in it. hee hee ūüôā


Luke was getting cranky so we headed home. I uploaded all the photos from the day and was pretty happy with them. This one was my favorite though.


I was on the road quite a bit today. I took Lane and Lily to meet their Nana. They’re going to spend the weekend and this momma is happy for the break! ūüôā I grabbed my camera before I left and thought if I seen something that jumped out at me I would stop and take some photos. I was coming home and was enjoying my little stretch of HWY 74 and looked¬†over at this mountain¬†–¬†(or hill, some of you might be thinking). It doesn’t look like¬†much but it has a lot of meaning to me.


Just on the other side is where I live. The house that I grew up in, that I bought from my parents, and the house that I’m raising my children in,¬†sits right at the bottom of this mountain.

When I was a kid me and my brother and cousins would climb all the way to the top. We had lots of adventures and fun times together. We made memories that I’ll never forget. This is¬†where¬†I call home and every time I drive by it, it reminds me of why I love this place so much.

I may not own this land on paper, but in my heart it still feels like MY mountain.

So, in conclusion, I have learned that landscapes are not my strong point!¬†LOL!¬†I love nature and all of God’s beauty, but I love photographing people the most! They add character, emotion, and life to a photo and that’s¬†what I want to capture!





Week 1 – Self Portrait




Here it is. The raw me. The no-makeup me. The big forehead me. The messy hair me. The mom me.

My 1 week challenge was to take a self portrait. I know most of you are thinking, “Well that’s not hard! Anyone can take a selfie right?!” You’re absolutely right, but the goal of this 52 week challenge is not only to complete the challenge, but to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It’s about growing and learning.

I wanted to take a self portrait that was really me. The way I look 95% of the time. The way I look to my husband when he wakes up next to me in the morning. The way I look to my kids when I fix them breakfast, play with them, and say their prayers with them at night.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up, wear make-up and fix my hair, but I’m a stay at home mom! My day consists of cooking, cleaning, chasing kids, wiping butts, editing photo sessions, and occasionally Netflix! There’s no time for hair curling and make-up in there! Lol!


I’m so blessed to be able to take care of my children and raise them up in the way they should go. It fills me up, makes me proud, and brings me so much joy. But let me tell you …it’s HARD! Some days I just¬†wanna run away from all the noise and when I do… I can’t wait to get back to it. Lol! We moms are kind of like that… ūüėÉ

So now all of you know… most of the time… this is just me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. This is the way God created me and he made all of man in his own image. How amazing is that?!!


We all have to learn to love ourselves. Learn to love the crazy days, the messy hair, the blemished skin, the dark circles.

Learn to love the raw, unedited versions of ourselves.




52 Week Photography Challenge


A Year of Dedication

Hey guys! I just wanted to fill you in on my latest photography goal! Starting next week I am going to begin the 52 week photography challenge. In case you’ve never heard of one of these challenges, I’ll give you the rundown. Each week I will be given an assignment to shoot. Each assignment will be in one of three categories:




I am so excited and nervous to start this challenge! My main goal is to complete EVERY week on time and be creative! I hope you guys will join with me on this journey and enjoy each week’s new photo!

WEEK 1-Self Portrait

I will be posting to¬†the blog and Facebook,¬†as well as my Instagram. Hope to see y’all there!


My Very First Blog!


Hey guys! I have finally joined the blogging world! It’s definitely a learning process and I’m still finding my way around here. I consider myself pretty tech savvy but creating and customizing a website/blog is a whole new world. Hopefully I get the hang of it soon!

Anyways I wanted to start off my very first blog with my photoshoot of sweet little Charlee. Her birthday is coming up soon and I got the honor of doing her one year/cake smash photos!

It was SO hot and humid that day but Charlee didn’t seem bothered by it at all!¬†She was wearing an adorable¬†little tutu that her momma made! Kelsey also made her cake for the session.¬†CRAFTY MOM GOALS¬†right there!

We started out with doing some super cute pictures of her in her pink tent!



It’s amazing how much they change in one year and how we change with them! Our lives are forever altered when we bring our children into this world.



I think this picture says it all perfectly right here. The Lord gives us strength, peace, and courage to face each day. Because let’s face it, raising kids is HARD WORK right?! We¬†want to do¬†the vey best we possibly can to take care of the precious gifts He’s given to¬†us!IMG_4067logoweb

Charlee was really relaxed and just chill for most of our photoshoot. I could tell she seemed like she had a really laid back personality! I tried my tickle technique and got a few small¬†grins. ¬†Mom and Dad pulled out all the tricks to get her to smile for us after that,¬†“Peek-a-boo!” and “Where’d Charlee go?” was a couple, among many! ūüôā


Then it was time to EAT CAKE!






She was hesitant to dig into her cake at first, but no worries, Mom and Dad helped out!





After the cake smash we headed back down to the creek to clean up and splash around. We were all soaked in sweat and it felt AMAZING!

IMG_4205logoweb         IMG_4210logoweb



There you have it! I had so much fun doing this session! I hope I get to photograph Charlee and her family again soon!

Devin & Kelsie’s October Wedding


I was completely surprised last month when I got a call informing me that Devin and Kelsie were going to be getting married. I was so happy for my brother-in-law! They wanted me to do their wedding photos and of course I said YES! I went on to ask them when the big day was going to be and got another surprise….¬†¬†¬† It’s in two weeks! LOL!

So here are a few pictures of their October Wedding! I’m so glad I got to be a part of it and that they trusted me to capture it!


I came over a little early and snapped a few photos of Kelsie getting ready. I got to visit with her a little bit before everyone arrived and the hectic preparations started. She is so sweet and I’m glad she will be a part of the family!



The wedding took place in Springfield, Arkansas and it was a beautiful sunny day. It was an outside wedding under a tree, with hay bales, and lanterns. It was a little chilly with a slight breeze but it definitely made it feel like a fall wedding.








I love how everything was simple but beautiful. It wasn’t overly decorated or busy. The colors, flowers, leaves, and everything complimented each other and it all went together really well.






Congratulations Devin & Kelsie!

Thank you for letting me capture your special day! I pray God blesses your marriage and your life together. Keep Him at the head of your union and¬†you¬†will make it through this crazy beautiful thing we¬†call life! ¬†Always confide in each other and be honest. Your spouse is your best friend and they will always be there… so always be kind and love each other even through the hard times! Love you guys!




Week 10 – Enviromental Portrait

Show a subject in their natural habitat. Their place of work or hobby is a great start. Tell their story with the environment.

For this week’s assignment I had the opportunity to¬†photograph my¬†dad, brother, and husband. They were setting poles and framing up a small building.

My dad has been a carpenter, sheet rocker, painter, and many other things throughout his lifetime.¬†He’s dabbled in¬†just about everything you can think of when it comes to construction and building. He likes to call himself The Jack Of All Trades-Master Of None. ūüėÄ

He’s given countless hours of his time to¬†a profession that wasn’t always kind to him in return. He gave part of his¬†life and¬†even¬†parts of his¬†flesh and blood.¬†He sacrificed precious time that he will never get back to be able to provide for his family.


A selfless man…


He has taught my¬†brother and husband¬†a little bit about¬†building things over the years¬†and he’s taught us all¬†A LOT¬†about walking with¬†God.


Building a home¬†and building a life… I think they go hand in hand. Something you can take pride in and look back on – your legacy – what you leave behind. Or more importantly WHO you leave behind.


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6


I couldn’t have asked for a better Dad. Someone who loves you and takes care of you. Someone who disciplines you and corrects you even when you don’t want it or think you don’t need it. Someone who helps lead you and guide you in all the right directions. And most importantly teaches you about the love of God.

Not just a sayer of the Word, but a doer.

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.  For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror;  for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.  But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does. James1:22-25

One of my greatest hopes is that¬†my¬†children will get to inherit some of¬†their PaPa’s¬†skills and knowledge and that they will get to grow up and see his example in their lives like I got to see him in mine.

That I can continue his example…

his legacy…

his life’s work…




Oh how beautifully this fits my Dad…

You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you. Psalm 128:2

I hope he feels as blessed as I do to have him in my life as I am in his.



Love you guys!