Week 14 – Artistic – Metal


The project for week 14 was to photograph Artistic Metal – Cold, hard steel. Shiny Aluminum. Or even rusted and broken down. Find your inspiration in metal.

We have a lot of projects that keep us busy here at home and a lot of these projects are outside in the yard. Right now we have been trying to finish a leveled play area for our kiddos to put a playground on. This has been an ongoing project since last year and we are finally getting closer to the finished product!

This weekend Andrew rented a CAT machine and used it to level out the fill dirt/gravel (we had delivered quite a few months ago :P) and he also used it to finish laying the cross ties and do some clearing in the front yard as well.

My theme was metal and I got my inspiration from all the tools/equipment he used this weekend to get our area fixed up. Here are a few photos I took while he was working….

I helped out a little with some of the grunt work and fetching this or that… but mostly just watched and snapped photos! Ha! Ha! 🙂


IMG_2887[1]Setting cross ties to keep all the dirt and gravel from washing away.




IMG_5052cropbwOne of my favorites! In this photo he’s drilling holes to put steel rebar in to stabilize the cross ties. This helps to keep the ties from moving or shifting. You can see some of the wood flying off of the drill bit!








The tool box on wheels….

handy & ready to go whenever you need it.

….However, very unhandy for short people like me. 😛



IMG_5069Meanwhile Luke is chilling in the sandbox….




IMG_5103Next, he had to cut the rebar in the lengths he needed for the cross ties.IMG_5119These were fun to take…. Blazing hot bits of fiery steel flying at my face and camera. LOL!


 IMG_5120Next, it was time to drive the rebar into the pre drilled holes. I wish I could capture the sound of the metal sledgehammer hitting the steel bars. Nothing easy about that part!


The last step will be putting 2×12 stained boards on top of the cross ties. We didn’t have enough time to finish it completely but hopefully we will have it done this week!


Now it’s time to order the playground! I’ll be sure to photograph and add the finished project later so you guys can check it out!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Hopefully I’ve inspired you to do your own yard projects this spring and thank the Lord for metal and tools to help us get our jobs done!