Week 11 Landscape: Reflection


Week 11 didn’t leave me a whole lot of options here in North Central Arkansas. I was hoping to use water for my landscape reflection and we are currently under a burn ban here. Everything is all dried up! Our rainy, wet fall definitely has not started yet.

However,¬†I have some awesome neighbors who have an absolutely beautiful view. They have a pond about the size of a football field in their front yard! I always love going over their and enjoying their view… and their company! ūüôā Thank you Lanny and Debbie!

So here is my Landscape Reflection… I love the sun flare in this photo! No actions or presets needed here! ūüôāIMG_6845logo

Week 2 – Landscape


Hey everyone! We are on week 2 and my assignment was to photograph a landscape. Over the past few days¬†I have discovered something… landscapes are HARD! I went into¬†it thinking… “I got this! I live in one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas – the Ozark Mountains!” I was pretty confident that I could capture a stunning landscape photo. I think I was a bit over confident… ūüė¶

However, I was excited to dig out my tripod, (that I have never used) and hit the roads to see what I could find. Andrew drove me and the kids around to a few spots that we like to ride 4-wheelers and go Morel mushroom hunting. Living in the country is definitely a big perk! You have an abundance of dirt roads that never end and beautiful scenery to take in.

We stopped by a nearby farm so I could get my camera and tripod set up. I snapped a few photos of the cows grazing with some pretty awesome clouds in the sky. It was around 7:30 in the evening and a storm was brewing. I was hoping for some beautiful sunset pictures with the big cloud formations.

The kids got out to explore while I was doing my own thing. Lily discovered a big pile of poop and was fascinated! LOL! Sorry, no snapshots of that! ūüėČ


Then we took off and headed to our high spot on top of one of¬†the mountains close to where we live. God is¬†so amazing! He made this land and sky¬†just for US! I wanted to capture¬†His handiwork¬†but looking at it through a piece of glass just doesn’t compare! I felt like I was struggling. The sun was going¬†down pretty quick so I snapped a few more photos of the¬†sky and mountains in the distance.

I¬†told Andrew to pull the truck up a little so I¬†could get a picture¬†of him and the kids with the sunset. Luke was asleep in the truck at this point!¬†Lol!¬†You know me… I never miss an opportunity to snap some photos of¬†the people I love most!¬†When we got home and I was sorting/culling through what I had taken, the photos of him and the kids were the ones I loved most. I know landscapes aren’t supposed to be of people, but it just seemed emotionless and empty without them in it.

So here it is…¬†¬† oh the FEELS!



I still didn’t feel completely satisfied with what I had come up with. I loaded all 3 kids up the next day and we were on the hunt again! They were enjoying driving around and they would turn the radio up every time I would get out to snap some photos. We made a big circle on some old country roads and after numerous stops and about 10 songs later, we finally came to a bridge that I thought might look interesting.

We jumped out and the kids started exploring. I chose the picture that had the kids in it. hee hee ūüôā


Luke was getting cranky so we headed home. I uploaded all the photos from the day and was pretty happy with them. This one was my favorite though.


I was on the road quite a bit today. I took Lane and Lily to meet their Nana. They’re going to spend the weekend and this momma is happy for the break! ūüôā I grabbed my camera before I left and thought if I seen something that jumped out at me I would stop and take some photos. I was coming home and was enjoying my little stretch of HWY 74 and looked¬†over at this mountain¬†–¬†(or hill, some of you might be thinking). It doesn’t look like¬†much but it has a lot of meaning to me.


Just on the other side is where I live. The house that I grew up in, that I bought from my parents, and the house that I’m raising my children in,¬†sits right at the bottom of this mountain.

When I was a kid me and my brother and cousins would climb all the way to the top. We had lots of adventures and fun times together. We made memories that I’ll never forget. This is¬†where¬†I call home and every time I drive by it, it reminds me of why I love this place so much.

I may not own this land on paper, but in my heart it still feels like MY mountain.

So, in conclusion, I have learned that landscapes are not my strong point!¬†LOL!¬†I love nature and all of God’s beauty, but I love photographing people the most! They add character, emotion, and life to a photo and that’s¬†what I want to capture!